Risk Management

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

Shared Vision Risk Management

Shared Vision Risk Management is a highly specialized practice consisting of an experienced recruitment team serving investment, banking, insurance, payment processing, treasury, securities and retail credit lending organizations. 

Risk professionals need to have more than just the technical and management skills that were required in the past; they need to have a strategic vision, and be able to lead the organization in implementing a sound risk management infrastructure, and instill a rigorous,disciplined risk culture.   Across banks, asset managers, insurers and other financial intermediaries, boards and CEOs areasking for more information on the risks their firms are exposed to.   

These extraordinary challenges emphasize the importance and need for world-class talent and leadership.

We recruit for the following disciplines;

Commodity Risk        Credit Risk
Currency Risk            Enterprise Risk
Financial Risk            Market Risk
Operational Risk        Quantitative Risk
Risk Analytics            SOX and Basel II


For more information on our service offerings please see our Risk Management Brochure.