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Thomas Stearns Eliot

Managed Services - Contract Staffing

Shared Vision Managed Services (SVMS) is the contract staffing division of Shared Vision providing interim expertise of highly skilled professionals specialized in one or more of Shared Vision’s practice areas including Life Sciences, Risk Management, CRM/Business Intelligence, Marketing & Data Insights. SVMS delivers temporary staffing solutions across North America.


       The Benefits of Partnering with SVMS:

  • Reduction of payroll expenditures: Hire contract staff on an as-need basis, for special projects and during peak periods.
  • Performance efficiency: Pay only for the work performed, eliminating the cost of absenteeism.
  • Reduced overtime: Avoid additional costs and scheduling challenges during high production periods.
  • Retain high performers: Introduce additional resources to your department allowing core employees to focus on their most important work, maintaining a solid team culture and environment.
  • SVMS administers and processes all federal, state/provincial and local payroll deductions where applicable.
  • Additionally paid vacations can be negotiated for contracts that are one year or longer in duration.
  • Contract rates are based upon the length of contract and project specifications.

       For more information on our service offerings please see our Practice Areas Brochure.